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Trance mediumship

What is Trance Mediumship?

There are various types of mediumship; trance mediumship is performed by a medium who is able to achieve an altered state of consciousness in order to become a vessel for healing masters to provide energy work and messages from the Spirit World. Trance mediumship is different than traditional mediumship in that the medium is connecting in with specifically healing guides and ascended masters during the session. The medium becomes a vessel for healing masters to download into their energy body and transmit their healing frequencies into the receiver.

What is a Trance Mediumship session like?​

The session will begin with an intention setting conversation for the session. For in-person sessions you will lay on a comfortable healing table, for virtual sessions you will connect via Zoom in a comfortable, safe space where you will be undisturbed. Once the session begins, the medium will guide you through a relaxation meditation to help you enter into a deep state of consciousness, raise your vibration, and enter into a healing trance. The trance state deepens throughout the session as healing masters begin doing energy work to bring your energy field into their frequency resonance. The medium will allow the healing master to guide the session; it may include verbal communication of messages or purely energy work. Some healing masters communicate in English, in which they are providing valuable insight for your conscious mind or hypnotically etching it into your energy field for deeper transformation. Since you are entering a hypnotic-like trance state during the session, the messages channeled become hypnotic in nature and can deeply reprogram the subconscious mind. Some healing masters will communicate in light language, which is beyond our conscious comprehension, but holds energetic frequencies for the activation or healing of the energy body.


Session Packages: Expires one year from purchase date; amount paid never expires, if session pricing changed after 1yr from purchase date, session can be redeemed by paying the balance of the new pricing.

Single Session

Trance Mediumship Sessions

3 Session Package

5 Session Package

(1.5 - 2 hours)


$1140 ($380/session)

$1800 ($360/session)

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