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Trance mediumship

What is Trance Mediumship?

There are various types of mediumship; trance mediumship is performed by a medium who is able to achieve an altered state of consciousness in order to channel spirits, messages, and healing from the Spirit World. You may request communication with a spirit in particular, however the Spirit World will deliver messages from whomever needs to communicate with you at that moment in time on your path.

What is a Trance Mediumship session like?​

The session will begin with a brief conversation about your intentions for the session. For in-person sessions you will lay on a comfortable healing table, for virtual sessions you will connect via Zoom in a comfortable, safe space where you will be undisturbed. Once the session begins, the medium will guide you through a hypnotic relaxation meditation to help you achieve a deep state of consciousness, raise your vibration, and enter into a healing trance. The medium will allow Spirit to guide you to meet with one or many of your guides and/or healing angels. Your messages will be conveyed in a hypnotic way, designed for deep unconscious healing and transformation. Some sessions may include energy healing that is channeled through your guide(s) or angel(s); whether the session is in-person or virtual, most will feel tangible sensation of the healing occurring.

How does hypnosis work?

Brain imaging technology has shown that the connections in the brain are different under hypnosis. More specifically, the brain is strongly connected in the areas involved with making decisions and monitoring the environment. This allows the person to focus on what they are doing without asking why they are doing it nor observing the environment for fluctuations. With this relaxed state of mind, the unconscious is more alert and available to implement new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. The hypnotherapist will then be able to provide the unconscious mind with the pathway to achieve all the changes they are looking for.

Does hypnotherapy actually work?

We understand your concern. Stage/entertainment hypnosis and inexperienced, poorly trained hypnotists have invited a mixed consensus. Hypnosis is a well researched technique with high success rates for a variety of issues, including fears, phobias, habits, addictions, as well as more complex behavioral and cognitive concerns. The most common factors that affect whether hypnosis successfully changes people’s problems are willingness and motivation. The client must want the change they are seeking, be willing to follow the therapist’s guidance, and have the motivation to go after the change they desire. With these factors in alignment, we have seen our clients undergo substantial hypnotic experiences and receive massive changes in their lives. It is important to be selective with your hypnotherapist and ensure that you choose a highly trained, qualified professional. Experts in the field cost up to $1,000 per session. Sara Mitteer has been personally mentored by one of these internationally-renowned experts since 2013 and still continues to study and enhance her skills.


30min Consultation Session - $80

Speak with your trance medium via phone or Zoom about your intentions and what you'd like to get out of your work together. Ask any questions to ensure you are a good fit before committing to a trance mediumship healing session.

Session Packages: Expires one year from purchase date; amount paid never expires, if session pricing changed after 1yr from purchase date, session can be redeemed by paying the balance of the new pricing.

Single Session

Trance Mediumship Sessions

3 Session Package

5 Session Package

(1.5 - 2 hours)


$1140 ($380/session)

$1800 ($360/session)

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