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Reiki for kids

Reiki is very effective for kids of any age. When we are born, we are not necessarily born a clean energetic slate. The biofield can begin absorbing energy inside the womb, not only from the mother, but also from anyone in proximity of the mother or anyone's energy the mother absorbed. We also bring energetic karma with us from past lives. Often children will exhibit patterns, beliefs, behaviors, or physical/mental/emotional ailments that can be a reflection of the energetic imbalances within their biofield. Reiki is also recommended for preventative treatment, to ensure you are supporting your child's mental, emotional, and physical health from a root level.

Session Pricing (under 12)

Initial Session: Consultation & Full Biofield Analysis: $150

Initial appointment that includes health intake, intention setting, a 30min private Reiki Session and an Energy Reading. The appointment length is generally 45min to 1hr, the practitioner may opt to have the energy reading emailed to the parent/guardian after the appointment. Learn what is happening in your child's energetic biofield that could be the root cause of mental, emotional, or physical concerns that your child is experiencing. Discover the health of the chakras, the alignment of your biofield, and overall strength of energy flow. Includes a health intake and consultation to give you the opportunity to ask questions, explain Reiki to your child, receive a professional opinion, and learn how Reiki could improve your child's life. Parents/guardians must be present during the health intake portion of the appointment. Presence during the Reiki treatment is optional and often decided by both the parent/guardian, child, and Reiki therapist.

6 Week Healing Program

Payment Options:

Option 1: One payment of $500 (due before program begins)

Option 2: Two Payments of $270 (1st due before program begins - 2nd due halfway through the program)

6-Week Healing Program

(Sessions expire 6 weeks from start date)

Includes: 6 Reiki Sessions (30min)

                Includes Amethyst BioMat

Amethyst Reiki Membership: $175/month

  • 3 month membership commitment

  • 2 Reiki Therapy Sessions per month (30min sessions)

  • Additional sessions only $90/each

  • Includes use of Amethyst BioMat for all sessions

Session Packages: Expires one year from purchase date

Single Session


Reiki Therapy Sessions


(includes Amethyst BioMat)

3 Session Package

$285 ($95/session)

5 Session Package

$450 ($90/session)

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