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Reiki Level II Certification

Professional Reiki

Practitioner Training







What you will learn:

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Deepening Your Intuition: The 3 Pillars of Intuition

Where Emotions Store in the Body

The Body Meridians

The 3rd & 4th Dimension

The 12 Chakra System

The Elemental Realm

Earth, Water, Air & Fire Spirits

The Archangels

Reiki for Animals

Reiki for Kids

Distance Reiki

Cleansing Rituals

The Power of Prayer & Rituals

Guardian Angels & How to Access their Healing Powers

How to Release Entities from a Person/Space

How to Give an Intuitive Energy Reading

How to Explain Reiki in a Professional Setting

Professional Level Energy Work Techniques

How to Read Karmic Lessons

Initiation of additional Reiki Symbols

Virtue Therapy: Identifying What Would Bring Harmony to Someone's Life

Group Exercises to Expand Awareness, Intuition, and Energy Skills

This Certification Program expands beyond just Reiki.

Reiki of San Diego is committed to helping you becoming one of the best energy healers, whether it's only for yourself, friends and family - or to start your own Reiki private practice!


Internships and job opportunities are available for Reiki of San Diego Alumni if you are interested in joining our team of healers!

This Certification Program attunes and certifies you as Level II Professional Reiki Practitioner, in which you can practice in a professional setting.

What makes this training different?

What you will learn in this course goes infinitely beyond the traditional Reiki course.

We expand outside just the realm of Reiki and bring in the worlds of Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Witchcraft, Angel Healing, Ancient Chinese Medicine, and Modern Alchemy Spiritual Healing. Whether you're looking to be a Professional Reiki Practitioner or curious to learn more about the magical world of energy healing and spirituality... this course will leave you yearning to continue learning more!


Sara spent 3 years studying, researching, and channeling the content of this course and is overjoyed to present over 4hrs of video content in a new documentary-style format that is bound to keep you engaged and having fun (with some giggles) while you learn.

The 2 Day Immersive Live Training takes place twice per year and is kept to small group sizes to keep it special & intimate while also creating the space for you to experience the power of connecting with other like-minded souls and the Reiki high that is created when a group of healers join together in one sacred space. You may even walk out with a new spiritual high vibrational best friend! Over the course of these 2 healing days many tears may be shed, belief systems released, old identities transformed, and awareness expanded.

Your angels have been waiting for you to embark on this journey!!

Online Course
  • Join anytime and begin right away

  • Move at your own pace and on your own schedule

  • Take up to 1 year to complete the online course

  • Recommended to complete the online course before attending the live immersion

live immersion
  • Hosted in the Spring & Fall

  • Sign up for the live immersion when you feel ready

  • Receive your Level II Attunement

  • Learn additional Reiki Symbols

  • Connect with your Guardian Angel

  • Learn how to read karmic lessons

  • Learn how to activate/cleanse a chakra, move energy in someone's aura, seal tears in the aura, etc.

You will receive your Reiki Level II Certification upon completion of both the online and live trainings.

Ready to take energy healing to the next level?

Register now

One Payment
Registration (Non-Alumni)

For students who have not taken the Reiki of San Diego Level I Training

Payment Plan Option
4 Payments of   $444
Registration (Alumni)

For students who have taken the Reiki of San Diego Level I Training

One Payment
Payment Plan Option
4 Payments of   $333
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