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Adrena Carruthers-Adams

Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner

Current Reiki Mastership Student

Adrena was destined to be a spiritual healer since birth. At a young age, Adrena peeked into the metaphysical world when she and her father had the same dream the night before a family vacation – a car crash. The next day, it only took 15 minutes on the road before the family van flipped over onto the freeway embankment. Thankfully, everyone walked away with a few scrapes and bruises, and the “odd” things happening in her life finally started making sense. Spirits passing over to say goodbye after death were a regular occurrence, as were visions of auras, instantaneous energy reads upon touch, and auditory voices of archangels and spirits. Like many, Adrena did not consider these to be gifts of any sort, but instead weird eccentrics that should never be discussed.


The stressors of life slowly pushed Adrena’s gifts to the backburner. After graduating with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in Political Science from UCLA, she jumped into the corporate world. Achieving success as a creative extrovert blended with analytical introversion, Adrena's skill set spans independent movie production, operating 10-ton forklifts, casting background actors for television, negotiating global transactional agreements and more, until her season of grief began.


Unbeknownst to her, grief would literally reconfigure her life and awaken her dharma as an intuitive healer. In 2021, Adrena lost 12 loved ones – her father, grandmother, aunt, cousins, and many more. With this cascading list of death at the hands of cancer, COVID, and car accidents, she tumbled into an indescribable pit of depression and anxiety. Along this heavy journey, it was through prayer, meditation, and Reiki that her spiritual gifts surged brightly. With deep dedication, she began to explore the beautiful intersection between Reiki and grief; through benevolent dialogue and providing Reiki, she holds space for anyone at the juncture of grief, loss, and any other life experience that hollows the soul.


Adrena received her Level I and Level II Professional Reiki Certification from Reiki of San Diego and has been in Reiki Master Mentorship with Sara Mitteer since October of 2022. She has a warm, compassionate heart that brings such a sense of love and safety into the healing space.

Adrena Bio
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