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Our Reiki practice and approach to healing is different from traditional Reiki; we fuse Reiki with energy medicine, spiritual counseling, and intuitive channeling to support a deeper, more transformative experience. Most who come to see us are looking for deep transformative change and use Reiki as a therapeutic modality and are on, or wanting to be on, a spiritual path. Whether you are new to Reiki and want a grounded approach or have been on the path a long time and are seeking spiritual expansion, we would love to support you!

Image by Simon Wilkes

While scientific research over the last few decades has increasingly proven the profound healing effects of Reiki, and its integration into many hospitals underscores its growing acceptance, it's important to remember that at its essence, Reiki remains a spiritual modality. Reiki connects you with Universal Life Force Energy, or what some call Qi, Divine Consciousness, or God's light. We have personally seen the magic that transpires when you connect with Divine Energy.

On a physical level, we have seen healing of chronic pain, injuries, chronic medical conditions, as well as otherwise "incurable" illnesses. On a mental level, we have seen life changing shifts in thought patterns, belief systems, and thought loops that keep you stuck in overthinking or ruminating on the past or future. On an emotional level we have seen the transformation of depression, fear/anxiety, overwhelm, and finding an illogical peace despite the stress of life. On a spiritual level, we have seen the awakening of spiritual gifts & abilities, finding purpose in life, and expansion of consciousness in which awareness of angels, guides, spirits, Divine Consciousness, and God become tangibly known and felt.

Everyone's intentions are different and everyone's experience is unique.

From an energy medicine perspective, all of our life experiences, traumas, mental/emotional patterns, and dormant potential exists in our energy field. If our energy field is out of balance, our mind, body, and spirit will be as well. By shifting the energy in our biofield and bringing our energy back into coherence with Divine Consciousness, we become more spiritually and energetically aligned, which will affect us on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Image by Moritz Kindler

Think of a human as a complex computer with consciousness. At our core, we are an electrical system; our brain, nervous system, and cells require electricity in order for us to think, move, and feel. Much like computers, we store cookies & cache that creates energetic memory and imprints. We can also download viruses that disrupt our system. Energy healing is a way of clearing the cookies and cache, removing viruses, and allowing our electrical system to run smoothly again.

Now if you want to take it one step further into a more spiritual perspective, imagine Reiki as a way to connect with the most advanced, high consciousness energy that exists. When you plug your "computer" into this energy, not only does it reset the system, but knowledge and wisdom can be downloaded, awareness can be expanded, and upgrades can occur. It is best to experience Reiki with an open mind and know that the real magic doesn't always happen overnight. Aside from a spiritual miracle (which we have seen happen a handful of times), healing simply takes love, patience, and commitment. It takes time to realign your energy and life. But I promise you, it is worth the time it takes and it is a magical ride!

If you're feeling the curiosity or the calling, we would love to chat with you to see if what we offer is a good fit for what you're looking for. Feel free to book an initial intake call to ask questions or receive more information!

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