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Our Network of healers

Sara Mitteer, RMT, CHT, CCH, RYT, QRP

Founder of Reiki of San Diego

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Trance Medium

Sara Mitteer is the founder and owner of Reiki of San Diego, LLC. Trained in both traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho and Holy Fire Reiki, Sara is a Certified Reiki Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Sound Healer, Registered Yoga Instructor, Certified Hypnotherapist and Trance Medium. She has a degree in Psychology, with a strong educational background in Energy Medicine, Neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Body Language Analysis, and Holistic Therapy. With a scientific and medical scholastic foundation, Sara strives to blend the world of science with alternative and spiritual medicine. Through her own healing journey, she has personally experienced the profound healing that can transpire when you address the mind; conscious and unconscious, the body; physical and energetic, as well as the spirit; heart and soul. Sara focuses her practice on empirically supported healing modalities, while still holding space for the metaphysical realm and the power of spiritual healing. Her dharma is to share the remarkable benefits of spiritual medicine from both a scientific and spiritual perspective to heal all five bodies; physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual. Having walked through her own transformational healing journey, she remembers the struggle of trying various different types of healing modalities, from traditional psychologists, psychotherapists and western medicine, to yoga, Reiki and hypnotherapy. After over 12 years of navigating her way through her own healing, she now understands that all five bodies must be addressed to fully heal. Sara strives to move Reiki beyond just stress-relief and relaxation and take it to the next level of complete life transformational healing. Sara truly believes that when you heal the spirit first, the body and mind will follow.

Sara Bio

Megan Guy, RYT, RMT

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

NLP Practitioner

Certified Energy Medicine Yoga Instructor

Megan Guy is a genuinely gifted intuitive healer who is deeply passionate about helping others find their inner joy and highest selves. Through years of education and experience, she uses Reiki, yoga, nutrition, meditation, energy medicine movements, NLP, and intuitively connecting with your subconscious mind to heal the deepest layers of your mind, body, heart, and spirit. 


Megan’s journey to becoming a professional Reiki Master has been a wild ride with many unexpected twists and turns all divinely aligned to provide her with the expertise to meaningfully support her clients. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in business and followed the path to corporate America only to discover the 12 hour days and unfulfilling lifestyle wasn’t inviting joy to her life. With a strong calling to help people, Megan returned to school to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy which opened up the world of alternative healing and energy medicine. Reiki became a very important part of not only her studies, but also her life as it became the guiding light on her own healing journey. Megan transitioned out of the Physical Therapy industry, as she felt called to support others in a more nurturing, healing environment. As Megan’s studies took her down the path of health and fitness, she became a Fitness Coach and supported hundreds of clients through their fitness journeys. More often than not, Megan’s fitness coaching went beyond just food, exercise, motivation, and mindset. She discovered that when you heal the mind and inner self first, the body will naturally follow.


In July 2020, Megan attended her 3rd yoga teacher training for Energy Medicine Yoga, which further enlightened how the mind, body, and energy are deeply connected. As an NLP Practitioner, Megan also understands how much our thoughts and inner narratives form our reality. She will support you in discovering the unconscious belief systems that are preventing you from living the life you want and guide you in learning how to influence your inner dialogue. Megan believes that healing your inner self, how you talk to yourself, and how you narrate your life is the ultimate display of self love and has the power to transform every aspect of your life.


As a gifted Clairsentient, Clairaudient, and Claircognizant, Megan uses her intuitive abilities to help you hear the messages you need to hear, heal the deepest layers of your heart, and empower you with the tools to develop a strong sense of self worth, self love, and inner bliss. 

Megan Guy Bio

Lisa Garces is an exceptionally gifted channel, intuitive, and Reiki Master with a remarkable story of discovering spirituality and her inherent gifts. Lisa was raised with a strong belief in science and trust in Western medicine. She walked the traditional career path and received her degree in Business Management and worked in the corporate environment for 25 years. Along her path, she expanded her education and received her Pharmacy Technician License, which brought light to a deeper truth about the pharmaceutical industry. As Lisa’s awareness grew, she began exploring more holistic approaches for her anxiety, chronic sickness, chronic pain, as well as her daughter’s anxiety. After discovering Reiki, everything changed. Lisa’s first Reiki session with Reiki of San Diego brought such immediate and profound effects that the once spiritual skeptic and science lover became a Reiki believer and advocate overnight. Over the next several years she embarked on the non-traditional healing path and began her spiritual awakening alongside her daughter. She received her first Reiki certification from Reiki of San Diego and went on to receive additional certifications as a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. Her path as a Reiki Master took an abrupt turn when her daughter Jada unexpectedly passed at age 18. Lisa’s spiritual path picked up speed rapidly as she struggled to navigate through the unexplainable trauma and grief. Her pain became the catalyst for the deepest spiritual awakening. 

Lisa received her Mediumship Certification through the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts and trained with Angel the Medium and Suzanne Tempel from Arthur Findlay College. She also has certifications in Akashic Records, Life Coaching, and is a certified NLP Practitioner. Lisa is a conduit of the Spirit World and channels messages and healing from spirits, guides, and angels. She is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant, and trance medium. Her sessions are spirit guided and will be directed by your higher self and spirit team. Lisa is dedicated to guiding her clients on their spiritual journey towards soul alignment, empowering them to connect with their higher self and embrace their soul’s mission. 

Lisa NEW Headshot.heic

Lisa Garces, CRM, NLPP

Certified Reiki Master

Trance Medium

Intuitive Life Coach

Lisa Bio

Lyndsey Tapia, RMT, CHT, CSLC

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Hypnotherapist

Spiritual Life Coach

EFT Practitioner

Sound Healer

Lyndsey is a naturally intuitive healer who embodies a warm and nurturing energy. She has a unique ability of holding space for others in a way that allows them to explore the depths of themselves and find the root cause of their discomfort. She holds certifications in Usui Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Spiritual Life Coaching, and Breathwork. With her unique blend of healing modalities and life experiences, she is able to guide her clients on a completely transformational journey of deep healing and personal exploration. She believes that it is her mission to help others unveil the light that is already within them.


Lyndsey began her healing journey back in 2017 after she hit a breaking point while stuck in an unfulfilling career and toxic work environment. She found herself numbing her overwhelming thoughts and emotions with food and self-isolation. She battled with crippling depression and anxiety all while keeping this to herself and hiding it under a smile. She was introduced to Reiki by a friend and since then, it has been the catalyst for Lyndsey’s healing and self discovery journey. An entirely new world was opened up for her as she began to see her life through a new lens. She successfully healed the broken relationship with her mother, connected with her inner child, and finally started to feel empowered to make decisions that were most aligned for her. And through her journey and innate passion for supporting others, she became a healer and truly found her calling.


While facing and moving through the many layers of limiting beliefs she had adopted from childhood she became fascinated with learning about the subconscious mind. She became a Hypnotherapist after seeing the importance of reframing limiting beliefs and processing trauma at a subconscious level in order to see lasting changes. She serves as an activator and supports her clients with transmuting energy, emotions and beliefs on a mind, body, and soul level. Lyndsey does an exceptional job at reflecting back to you what is already within so that you can feel empowered to be the healer of your own journey.

Lyndsey Bio
Megan Hart Headshot.JPG

Megan Hart, FEC, CRP, CHT, RYT

Somatic Coach

Certified Embodiment Coach

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Certified Applied Polyvagal Theory

Megan knew from a young age that she was meant to help people heal, evolve and live deeply fulfilling lives, while first healing much of her own inherited trauma (patterns of codependency, self-abandonment, people-pleasing, dissociation & disembodiment).


She received her BA in Psychology, Spirituality & Herbalism and went on to work for a world-renowned Hypnotherapy company for 11+ years. 


Over time she started noticing substantial gaps in the fields of psychology and hypnotherapy.  Concurrently on her own spiritual journey, Megan explored many avenues of spirituality, however never quite satisfied with the subtle rejections of self that many religions carry or the overt spiritual bypassing that is rampant in much of new age spirituality (such as trying to change things with just positive-thinking).


Through a series of divine synchronicities, Megan was intuitively guided into the world of Embodiment & Somatic Therapy. 


Quickly she realized that Embodiment & Somatic work ‘plugged’ the gaps (such integrating emotional self-awareness into actual embodied change) that were missing in so much of traditional psychology, spirituality & hypnotherapy. 


Megan is known for her nurturing demeanor, artfully weaving together the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies in her work. She gently-yet-profoundly empowers her clients to uncover the answers they are seeking within themselves.

Megan Hart Bio

Caitlin Goehring, RMT, RYT

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner


Life Coach

Caitlin is a powerful and joyful intuitive, space holder, healer, and translator of the stars who is deeply passionate about supporting others in their spiritual awakening to connect to their true essence and Self, and create wellbeing in Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. From a young age, Caitlin experienced significant illnesses and death in her family, which opened up her path to healing through nutrition and the body and eventually brought her to deeper emotional, energetic, and ancestral healing. The experiences of loss, grief, and her own personal healing journey were the catalyst to her work as a healer and were foundational experiences on her dharmic path.


Caitlin is a certified Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, life coach, holistic nutrition specialist, Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, flower essence practitioner, and yoga teacher. With an academic background concentrating on sociology, counseling, and psychology, she provides insightful and transformative support that blends the mystical and scientific. Caitlin has been hosting group events, circles, and workshops since 2018 and has been dedicated to serving the community, creating spaces for seekers to find and connect with each other, and providing education for the growth and personal healing of each participant.


After being introduced to Reiki at 22, her own healing took off exponentially and became centered on spirituality, healing from religious trauma, past life trauma, nervous system healing, inner child healing, and addressing the health and wellbeing of the subtle energetic body. She is a guide through the deep transformative work that occurs when we heal the body and nervous system, release stored emotions, and come back into touch with our pure Selves.

Caitlin has also been a practicing professional astrologer since 2019 and a student of astrology for almost 10. In this time she’s studied traditional Hellenistic astrology, modern astrology, esoteric/evolutionary astrology, and locational astrology (or astrocartography). Her astrology work combines with her coaching background to create a holistic and practical approach to understanding one’s Self through the language of the cosmos. Your birth chart, as a blueprint for your Soul's unique expression, carries a key to deeper self-understanding, love, and empowerment. Her sessions provide space to explore and practically attune you to your true nature, while focusing on your personal evolution. She specializes in using timing techniques, asteroids, and astrological cycles to support where you are on your path as well as archetypes to more clearly understand your Self, your energy, and your dharma. Her sessions range from general readings, to Solar Return readings, to supporting clients in finding the best spot for them to relocate according to their astrocartography.

Caiti Bio
Sandy Bio

Sandy Santos, RMT, RYT

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Clinical Herbalist

Registered Occupational Therapist

Energy Medicine Specialist

Fluent in Spanish

Sandy is a highly connected intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Herbalist, Clairsentient and Claircognizant healer. During her sessions, she has often been described as "magical" and "powerful" as well as someone who is able to harness the gentle energy to make one feel safe and understood. Sandy comes from a Mexican family line of intuitives, healers, and mediums, which exposed her to the metaphysical world at a very young age and expanded her view on all things beyond what the typical eye can see. Not fully understanding her gifts, Sandy went on to choose a more traditional healer path as a pediatric occupational therapist. In working predominantly with autistic children, Sandy came to understand the human connection on a whole other level using her empathic abilities and wide knowledge base in neurology, sensory integration, and Polyvagal theory. It merged the scientific with the intuitive and allowed her to see how the mind, energy frequency, and body were interconnected, which made her a successful and highly reputable child therapist. Through working with autistic and special needs children, she developed an invaluable ability to connect with people beyond words. She learned how to match someone's frequency to form a deeper level of empathy, connection and sense of safety, which allows her clients to feel truly held in a healing and meaningful way. 


Although Sandy often had supernatural experiences and intuitively always knew to reach out to those in need, she did not become fully in tune with her gifts until she herself became severely ill and energetically depleted after struggling to find a diagnosis to her illness for 10 years. It wasn't until her diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease, that the world of Reiki, Energy Healing, and Herbalism were introduced to her and awakened her higher purpose. Sandy received her Master Level Certification in Usui Reiki, as well as certifications in Energy Healing I, II, III, and Clinical Herbalism, in an attempt to heal herself and learn to help others who suffer the same. It was through her own struggle and pain that she is now an effective healer for those who are chronically ill, those whose energy has become depleted, and for those whose spirit has been broken. Even more relevant has been Sandy's understanding of post traumatic stress disorders as that has also been a part of her emotional healing journey. Sandy believes that what we live through is never in vain and that healing can happen full circle through helping others to find that will and power to heal themselves. She considers it an honor to help serve the physically, mentally, emotionally, and chronically affected individuals to find that balance and hope again. It is her passion to show people the power of supplementing healing on a biofield energetic level, no matter if the goal is to relax and maintain balance in life or work through chronic and heavy life obstacles. 

Sarah Kelly Headshot.jpg

Sarah Kelly, CRM

Certified Reiki Master

Theta Healing Practitioner

HeartMath Trauma Sensitive Practitioner

Sarah Kelly is an intuitive energy healer who is passionate about helping people discover, unearth, and embody their highest potential. Sarah is skilled at working within a diverse spectrum of modalities which allows her to honor the unique and differing needs of each individual that she meets. She intuitively combines Reiki with coaching, emotional healing, and somatic work to assist her clients to transform in a truly holistic manner. Sarah has been walking her own path of spiritual transformation and soul discovery for over 7 years and is devoted to being a heart-centered pillar for her clients and for this world. Her mission is to assist as many people as she can to return to the true nature that lives beneath trauma, disconnection, and disharmony.

Sarah’s path to helping others heal began through the western healthcare system as she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2018. She concentrated her studies in mental health and had all intentions of becoming a community mental health nurse. She was moved by the still-present stigma associated with mental health issues and has always had a fierceness in her heart for embracing those who society marginalizes. However in 2016, in the middle of completing her nursing degree, Sarah went through a pivotal breakup that catalyzed an intense spiritual awakening. This ultimately led her away from the western healthcare system and down the path of Reiki, shamanic healing, shadow work, and exploring the profound power that human beings have to create our own realities.

Sarah’s path has taken her to the depths of herself and she has a particular passion for assisting others to reclaim their power from all places they have given it away. She has a gift for assisting people to repair the fracturing that results from trauma and return to embodied wholeness. Sarah is a certified Reiki Master, ThetaHealing Practitioner, HeartMath Trauma Sensitive Practitioner, and Intuitive Channel. In addition to the modalities she has been professionally trained in, Sarah has spent the past seven years unlocking her soul’s gifts of shamanic practice, energetic alchemy, and the potent healing power of the heart. 


Sarah has a very comforting, loving presence that will create a safe and nurturing environment for you to heal. 

Sarah Kelly Bio
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