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Reiki Trainings

Rated #1 Reiki Training on Yelp

Level I

Self Healing + Practice on Friends & Family

Level II

Professional Level + Expand Abilities
The industry standard and ancient practices of Reiki requires Level I to be focused on self healing. If you wish to practice professionally, you must first learn how to heal yourself. Level I is designed for you to learn self-healing techniques, how to live Reiki as a lifestyle, and to develop a relationship with your Reiki channel, intuition, Higher Self, and Reiki Guide. This course in particular includes more than the typical Reiki Level I certification course.
Level II is the professional level Reiki certification course. If you wish to practice professionally, you must take this course. Level II is designed for you to expand your healing abilities, deepen your intuition, learn more about energy healing techniques & how to work with the energy field, and how to give an effective Reiki treatment. Many students take Level II even if they don't wish to practice professionally as all of the content can also benefit your personal life. This course also includes much more than the typical Level II certification course.
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