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What Plagues You, Will Be Your Deepest Fulfillment & Greatest Gift In Life — If You Choose It.

By: Megan Hart

The issues & problems that really bother you are going to be the gift of what your deepest fulfillment and life purpose could be.

This is why I landed on Embodiment, after 30-something years of life… traveling, seeking, trying different ways of thinking or being on, experimenting with substances, different belief systems…

I had a very pivotal moment that occurred when I was pretty young. I don’t remember exactly the age but young enough… and old enough to remember.

I was watching a movie or show where there were sisters… something about their connection made me wish I had a sister (I already had an adorable little brother that I wanted to marry — that’s how young I was.) I went up to my dad and said to him with some enthusiasm, “I wish I had a sister!”. My dad replied back without hesitation, “You do.” I was excited and a little perplexed… where was she??! He said further, “go ask your mom…” I remember going into my mom’s home office and excitedly saying to her, “Mom! Dad said I have a sister!!” She promptly said, “No you don’t, your dad’s lying.”

For anyone who knows me, you know what ended up being true. But that isn’t the point of why I’m writing this particular piece.

In that moment, I viscerally remember being stunned. In the truest sense of the word. My body, mind, everything felt utterly stopped, frozen in time. My two care-takers, the adult humans meant to be my guardians and guides in life, to give me direction — strikingly opposed one another in what they told me was true.

This was pivotal because in that moment I realized I could not rely on those I was meant to rely on, to be truthful with me and give me honest direction in life. I obviously didn’t have the language or intellectual understanding at the time… but my body absolutely knew this.

I don’t recall exactly what happened after, but I remember how it felt in my body.

I felt frozen.

Stunned into utter blankness.

After, I believe I went to my room and did whatever I could to reconcile how I felt.

This was pivotal, looking back, as it clearly marked a domino-effect in my life moving forward of constantly questioning who/what I could truly trust and rely on.

My entire life since that moment, I have been deeply plagued by this issue. It’s no small issue either… as anyone else plagued by it can attest.

As I became an adolescent and teenager, I was resigned in many ways, that I simply couldn’t trust anything. I was skeptical about everything. The thoughts running in the background of my mind, quietly running the show…

As I’ve grown and matured more, this internal questioning has turned more productive, solution-oriented… “what CAN I trust?”

It’s a harder inquiry, because it takes patience, openness, discernment, willingness to be wrong — a lot. But it’s a more honest inquiry and way to be in the world.

Trust and knowing what is true can so often be personal, subjective, context-determined etc.

This is why I eventually landed on Embodiment as ‘the thing’ I could trust.

Because it doesn’t disregard any personal experience, but it also doesn’t disregard reality as it is.

Embodiment is about the wholeness of being.

Embodiment is the ability to be with oneself, in open inquiry when things are not yet known.

Embodiment is knowing we can land on something that is true for a while… something that is true in a particular context… and still, nearly always, there is a quiet but persistent part of you inside that is whispering, “there’s more to this… stay open.”

There are always deeper layers to go.

And Embodiment is the container that holds this ability to BE with it all — because it is truly and utterly about being.

Not judgements. Not analyzing. Not guessing or hypothesizing.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these either… but they are only a fraction of the whole picture.

Embodiment says ‘yes’ to whatever is true, right now, in this moment.

Even if that is being frozen, lost, despairing, confused, numb…

And you know what magical thing happens when we simply allow these sensations to be?

They process and release.

And a deeper truth arises into our awareness.

It’s so simple.

Yet our minds have us believe things have to be so complicated.

Part of that is, the deeper truth might be uncomfortable or inconvenient to your ego.

But, it’s honest.

And in living more honestly, we invariably get to live with much more fulfillment, passion, creativity, joy…

Even though these core questions, ‘what is true?’ and ‘what can I trust?’ are still an open

inquiry inside of me, I am grateful now for it.

It makes me write the things I do, coach the way I do, feel fulfilled and feel of true service — because honestly, who has not struggled with this inquiry?

It’s a human inquiry.

And Embodiment is the solution.

What plagues you in this way? And how will you share that productively in the world? Xo If you feel stuck with this, let’s have a chat.

Megan is a Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, Embodied Yoga Instructor, recovering people-pleaser and lover of nature and things that make her laugh. To have a chat about working with her privately, call or text (858) 224-0551 or email

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