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How Much Control Do We Have?

"When in flow with the universe, all will flow with ease and grace."

Metaphysics teaches that changing our frequency and finding alignment with the universe means all will flow well in life. On the flip side of this belief, that means anytime something isn’t flowing well, then something is out of alignment.

Is that really true? Or is it a construct that supports internalization of fault for things outside of our control and gives us a false sense of control over our life?

How do you know the difference between resistance worth persevering through versus Spirit pushing back and redirecting you?

➡️ What if the resistance you are facing is actually the universe preparing you for what you want in your life?

➡️ What if the obstacles you are encountering is God’s way of growing your character to become who you are meant to be?

➡️ What if the pain being inflicted upon you is an act of evil and not of Divine Consciousness?

Perhaps our trials and tribulations are not entirely in our control and the illusion that we can control them by manipulating our frequency just feeds the egoic belief that we can control our reality entirely.

So the real question becomes, what are we actually in control of?

Sharon Hodde Miller speaks to this question in her book, "The Cost of Control". There is a difference between control and authority. We do not have control over the outcomes of our life, this kind of control is in Divine Hands. However we do have authority over the choices we make and whether we choose to act from a place of Love or a place of greed, gluttony, envy, lust, wrath, sloth, or pride.

What would it be like if you stopped trying to control the outcomes of your life and focused on the character of your heart instead? 🤍

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