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Embodiment Sessions

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment coaching & embodiment practices are a wide-range of modalities, new and ancient, that facilitate a deeper understanding, trust, intimacy, relationship and inhabiting of your own body, and thus with life.

We are invited to shift our awareness from our overthinking, busy minds, and reconnect with the deep wisdom of our bodies. 


We connect Head with Heart.

Mind Intellect with Body Wisdom. 

how can it help me?

With Embodiment Coaching & Practices, we discover new pathways and benefits we would rarely find otherwise... 

  • Regain Agency & Sovereignty Over Your Life (Where are my co-dependents & people-pleasers at?!)​​

  • Learn to Befriend & Trust Your Emotions (Instead of suppressing, numbing-out, over-working, avoiding or being scared of them!)

  • Hear Your Body's Deep, Innate Wisdom (Where your intuition, creative-expression and inspiration resides!)

  • Recover From Trauma & Feel at Home in Your Body (You are NOT broken.) 

  • Release Everyday Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Depression

  • Cultivate Greater Capacity for Joy, Vitality, Life-Purpose (And pretty much anything else your heart genuinely desires!)

  • Co-Create Healthier Relationships (Romantic, Family, Friends, Business, Yourself...)

Embodiment is about truth & trust

What can I expect?

In 1 on 1 coaching, or in group programs, your embodiment therapist will facilitate, guide & hold space for your embodied experience. However, YOU are ultimately the authority.


Your experience is customized to your desired focus & goals are - whether it's Embodied Eating, Recovering from People-Pleasing, Feeling Safe in Your Body, Recovering from Trauma, Releasing Stress, Cultivating More Aliveness, Having Healthier Relationships...


The options are near endless.

You will experience many different embodiment techniques, tools, resources and practices to take outside of session. This means, after your program is done, you won't be left in the dark - You will have the tools & resources to continue your unfolding & self-discovery process.


Complimentary Discovery Call

Start with a complimentary 30min discovery call to learn more about embodiment, ask your burning questions and see if embodiment is a good fit for you.

Bespoke Embodiment Program

Your healing program will be tailored to your personal healing intentions and will be customized in length and modalities to best support your needs. All sessions are virtual via Zoom to allow you the space and comfort of your own privacy to fully surrender into the experience and the deep nature of each session. Sessions will range depending on the length of session and intentions of the client, between $160 - $200/session.

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