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meet lisa garces

Lisa Headshot.jpeg

Lisa Garces, CRM, NLPP

Certified Reiki Master

NLP Practitioner

Intuitive Life Coach

Lisa Garces is an exceptionally gifted channel, intuitive, and Reiki Master with a remarkable story of discovering spirituality and her inherent gifts. Lisa was raised with a strong belief in science and trust in Western medicine. She walked the traditional career path and received her degree in Business Management and worked in the corporate environment for 25 years. Along her path, she expanded her education and received her Pharmacy Technician License, which brought light to a deeper truth about the pharmaceutical industry. As Lisa’s awareness grew, she began exploring more holistic approaches for her anxiety, chronic sickness, chronic pain, as well as her daughter’s anxiety. After discovering Reiki, everything changed. Lisa’s first Reiki session with Reiki of San Diego brought such immediate and profound effects that the once spiritual skeptic and science lover became a Reiki believer and advocate overnight. Over the next several years she embarked on the non-traditional healing path

and began her spiritual awakening alongside her daughter. She received her first Reiki certification from Reiki of San Diego and went on to receive additional certifications as a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. Her path as a Reiki Master took an abrupt turn when her daughter Jada, unexpectedly, tragically passed at age 18. Lisa’s spiritual path picked up speed rapidly as she struggled to navigate through the unexplainable trauma and grief. She couldn’t see the light and didn’t know how she would ever be able to move on, until the messages and signs came. Jada was sending such loud and clear messages, without a doubt proving there is an after-life. Through these experiences, Lisa uncovered her natural, profound gift as a Medium and Intuitive Channel.


Lisa received her Mediumship Certification through the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts and trained with Angel the Medium and Suzanne Tempel from Arthur Findlay College. She also has certifications in Akashic Records, Life Coaching, is a certified NLP Practitioner. Lisa has a fiery passion to pay it forward and help those struggling to see the light, whether it is from the loss of a loved one or the loss of spiritual connection. Lisa is a conduit of the Spirit World and channels messages and healing from spirits, guides, and angels. She is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant, and trance medium. Lisa truly believes the passing of her daughter was meant to awaken her dharma in this lifetime; it is often through tragedy that a healer is born. In the words of her daughter, she now strives to “be the light that helps others see”. 

Lisa's services

Reiki Consultation & Full Biofield/Chakra Energy Reading: $240

90-minute appointment that includes health intake/intention setting, a full Reiki Session and a Biofield/Chakra Energy Reading. Experience the magic of Reiki firsthand and learn what is happening in your energetic biofield that could be the root cause of mental, emotional, or physical concerns you are experiencing in your life. Discover the health of your chakras, the alignment of your biofield, and overall strength of your energy flow. Receive messages and insights from the Spirit World.

Bespoke Reiki Transformations Program

Payment Options:

Option 1: One payment of $1111 (due before program begins)

Option 2: Two Payments of $600 (1st due before program begins - 2nd due halfway through the program)

6-Week Bespoke Program

(Sessions expire 6 weeks from start date)

Includes: 6 virtual Reiki Sessions (90min)

                Sound Healing

                Intuitive Coaching

                Channeling / Mediumship

                Customized healing program

Amethyst Reiki Membership: $380/month

  • 3 month membership commitment

  • 2 virtual 90min Reiki Sessions with Sound Healing per month

  • Additional sessions only $190/each

  • Includes Sound Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Channeling & Mediumship

Quartz Reiki Membership: $200/month

  • 3 month membership commitment

  • 1 virtual 90min Reiki Session with Sound Healing per month

  • Additional sessions only $200/each

  • Includes Sound Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Channeling & Mediumship

Session Packages: Expires one year from purchase date


Reiki Package

Includes Sound Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Channeling & Mediumship

Single Session

3 Session Package

5 Session Package

$690 ($230/session)

$1100 ($220/session)

Join my spiritual family

A biweekly group for spiritual people to spill the tea on their thoughts, emotions, challenges, spiritual insights, life wisdom, and intuitive musings. Life is better with a spiritual family!

1st & 3rd Saturday from 9am-10am
via Zoom
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