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Mon, Dec 06



Healing Workshop for Empaths

Calling all Empaths! You are a beautiful soul chosen to be on Earth for a Divine Purpose. Join a community of spiritual empaths seeking connection, healing, and empowerment.

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Healing Workshop for Empaths
Healing Workshop for Empaths

Time & Location

Dec 06, 2021, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM PST



About the event

If you are an empath, this workshop is designed for you!

  • Do you ever feel like your empathy is more of a burden, than a gift?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed or anxious in crowded, overstimulated spaces?
  • Do you feel depleted, weighed down, or fixated on emotions and problems that aren't yours?
  • Do you ever feel at the will of the ever-changing energy and emotions all around you?
  • Do you describe yourself as "introvert", or feel like you need to be alone to recharge your energy?
  • What if you had full mastery around your energetic state no matter where you were or who was around?
  • What if your empathy was trying to deliver a message to you, and once you learned how to decode the message, you were set free of ever feeling burdened or weighed down by others energy, ever. again. !?
  • Instead of absorbing the energy around you, leaving you feeling anxious, weighed down, depleted, or responsible for karma that isn’t yours, what if you could feel empowered around your energy gifts, protected, and energetically strong and aligned?

Join Reiki Master & Modern Alchemist, Summer Sheehan, for this prelude to a 7-week series on advanced level energy techniques for empaths to learn how to master their Divine Gift. This will be a workshop-style meditation and healing experience to get a taste of what the next 7 weeks will entail if you choose to embark on the healing journey of an empath. 

In the 7-week series, you will:

  • Learn to track your subtle energy body, name blockages and release them
  • Embody divine feminine and masculine as they unite in healing the wholeness of your being
  • Learn to utilize your gifts and receive messages instead of absorbing what isn't yours to carry
  • Heal the layers of your auric field and begin to experience the expansiveness of your true nature
  • Learn meditative skills that give you access to higher states while still being grounded and embodied
  • Learn how to get out of the mind (stories) and into the body (sensations) to feel and release emotion all the way through
  • Learn the 'body talk' technique, to let your body tell you how it feels, rather than your mind
  • Finally feel seen, understood, and witnessed as you learn to see, understand and witness yourself

This will be a guided meditation series, where you get to sit back, relax, heal and learn advanced meditation skills that are practiced by energy masters. Dont worry, these skills are made easy and accessible for you to do at home and make a part of your everyday practice.

Each week, we will travel through your subtle energy body focusing on one Chakra and the body parts/auric layer that connects to it. On this journey, you may begin to clear stored emotions that are either yours or absorbed from the world around you, causing stress, anxiety, depletion, depression, aches, pains, and illness in your body. You will learn how to uncover and receive messages from the blockages, and strengthen your auric field to protect and empower your energy and gifts.

Disclaimer: it is possible through this process that you uncover stored emotions in your body from past events that you didn't know were there. Although this container is designed to hold you through that process, while utilizing the coregulation of the collective field and skills taught to deal with such experiences, you will also be invited to contact Summer directly for additional support after the session. It is also common to glimpse expansive, peaceful, blissful states of awareness through this journey that you may wonder how to live your life feeling like that ALL of the time. I can assure that it is possible, although it takes consistent healing to stabilize this state :)

Do I need to attend the whole series or can I purchase a one-off?

It is highly recommended to attend the entire series as the skills build on one another. Each session will be recorded to view if you can't make it live. Although you are also welcome to attend one individual session. The 7-week series will begin in January of 2022. Join this prelude to begin your journey.

Will there be a chance for questions/shares/feedback?

Each session is 90 minutes, which will include time to set the space and give context before going into the guided journey. Once the journey is finished, we will leave room for shares, questions and feedback.

Will I need to share or participate in any way?

You will not need to share or participate, only if you feel called in the closing portion of the session.

What will I need for the series?

All you will need is a space that you won't be disturbed and a meditation pillow (I recommend sitting up for this practice). As you will be on mute, I recommend playing calming music in the background while cleansing and setting the space in whatever way you like. I also recommend having a journey nearby as it is very common to get clear downloads and/or clarity that you won't want to forget.


Contact Summer directly: (858) 224-3885

General Questions/Inquiry: (858) 224-0551

Or email


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