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Tue, Feb 14



Guided Somatic Meditation

Neuroscience has shown that mindfulness-based body awareness actually restructures your mind. In this guided somatic meditation, you will begin to find stillness and calm in the mind by entering the body. Theme: Opening Your Heart

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Guided Somatic Meditation
Guided Somatic Meditation

Time & Location

Feb 14, 2023, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM



About the event

Join Embodiment Coach, Somatic Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Reiki Practitioner, Megan Hart for this body-based healing meditation. Not only can somatic meditation help you to slow down the hectic pace of life, it can help you to overcome negative thoughts, reduce depression, stress, anxiety, and heal from trauma. Our life experiences (both little traumas and big ones) are not only stored in our mind, they are also stored in our body and often show up as chronic pain or tension. Somatic meditation can help to release these memories from the body, bringing you a deep feeling of calm and peace. 

In this call, Megan will lead you through a Somatic Meditation which will help you to Open Your Heart.

Valentine's Day can leave many people feeling more lonely, unloved or longing for that special someone (or, even more lonely within the relationship they're in).   When we get triggered like this, it can be easy to sink into old, unhelpful habits of numbing out through food, netflix etc...  

But True Love in a much more expansive sense than just the romantic sense of love... and we would like to invite you into this greater awareness of love too - because it is much more real, and therefore much more healing.  

Ultimately, love is not a static feeling... it is truly a responsive way of being in the world.   True love is ever alive, fresh, felt, tender, raw, open and responsive to what the moment calls for.   

Love is not either/or. It is not black/white. It is not on/off.  If that is how you perceive love, you are perceiving it from your mind - not from your body. Not from your true felt-sense of love.   

When we try to understand (in this case the topic of love) or change something only through the mind, we are only accessing 20% of our capacity to change. 80% of true understanding and change occurs through the body.  This is shown by experts who study the nervous system (such as polyvagal theory).

These calls will be offered at a sliding scale, please choose what fits you best:

Supported Rate $10

Standard Rate $15

Supporter Rate $20 

Supporters help the Supported :) 

*comes with recording of the meditation

Each call will have a different theme such as: 

* Releasing Frozen Tension

* Processing Emotions w/ Ease

* Stress/Anxiety Relief

* Smoothing the Nervous System

* Embodying Your Innate Wisdom

* Trauma-Releasing

* Welcoming Pleasure & Sensuality

* Calling In Your Desires

* Embodying your Feminine/Masculine

* and more!

Why Somatic Meditation?

Somatic Meditation is all about anchoring into our body, what we dream of in our mind, or feel in our energy.

Things cannot fully integrate (desires etc), or fully release (traumas etc) when it's not incorporated on the level of your body. 

As a Somatic & Embodiment Coach, Megan specializes in gently-yet-powerfully guiding clients to integrate mental & energetic awareness more fully into their body. 

Insight ≠ Integration

Insight happens in a flash.

Integration happens through the body.

The meditation will last 45 minutes. There will be an option to stay longer (approx 15-20 minutes) to journal, share and for Q&A.

We can't wait to see you there!!


  • Guided Somatic Meditation

    (Supported Rate $10) (Standard Rate $15) (Supporter Rate $20 *comes with recording of the meditation)

    From $10.00 to $20.00
    • $20.00
    • $15.00
    • $10.00



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