Vocal Sound Therapy

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What is Vocal Sound Therapy?

Vocal Sound Therapy is a healing modality developed by Christina Wells in 2015.  It is a therapy that uses the voice to heal the body and various ailments, unite the body and the mind, discover one’s true self & voice, and live a joyful life free from the constraints of fear. 

How Does it Work? 

In our society, for 100’s or more years, we have been conditioned to withhold our expression, truth, and voice. The throat chakra is the center of expression and the pressure valve that expresses a person’s entire system. It is one’s self-healing instrument. In many cases, energy gets stuck in a person’s body because it was not ‘expressed’.  Over time, a person’s energy levels drop lower and lower because the throat is not allowing the energy to move as a whole body experiencing life. 


From mis-understandings that build up over time to depression from living an unfulfilled life, it all goes back to the throat chakra and voice. The best part is, you do not need to understand energy to receive the benefits of this therapy. 

What happens in a VST session?

Unlike other healing modalities where the person is receiving, in Vocal Sound Therapy you are actively participating. Christina guides you through various breathing and vocal exercises, in a safe and loving container, based on your unique needs and goals. 


  • Release fears and inhibitions that have held you back for years

  • Reclaim your power and sense of self from traumatic events

  • Clear limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns

How long will it take? 

Every session builds upon the next. You will experience results in the first session, however it requires a minimum of 3-6 sessions to really start reaping the benefits. In the 7 years Christina has been supporting people with VST, she has only witnessed positive results. 

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What is it like during the session?

Because we are incorporating a lot of breathing necessary to vocalize, some people feel a tingling sensation in their hands, light headedness or ‘blissed out’.  It is different for everyone and Christina is regularly checking in with you. 

What can I expect after my first session?

In most cases, you will feel lighter and clearer. If you’re experiencing physical pain, this may disappear completely or lesson.  Rarely, a person may experience fatigue and/or blue. This is because the body is recovering after releasing toxic energy. When this does happen, I find that the next session is much easier on the person. 


Initial 90min Consultation: $250

The initial 90min consultation session includes intake and goal setting, a full vocal sound therapy session, and a biofeedback and chakra assessment. Due to the nature of vocal sound therapy sessions, all sessions will be virtual via zoom to allow you to sink deeper into the experience in the comfort of your own home and be able to fully express in your own privacy. 

6 Week Transformation Package: $1111

6 Private Vocal Sound Therapy sessions via zoom designed in a weekly structure to build momentum and reach profound breakthroughs and meaningful healing & transformation.

Star Membership: $400/mo

  • 3 month membership commitment

  • 2 Vocal Sound Therapy virtual sessions per month

  • Additional sessions only $200/each

Session Packages: Expires one year from purchase date


Private Vocal

Sound Therapy

Single Session

3 Session Package

5 Session Package

$700 ($233/session)

$1110 ($222/session)