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Lyndsey's Pricing

Reiki Consultation & Full Biofield/Chakra Energy Reading: $200

90-minute appointment that includes health intake/intention setting, a full Reiki Session and a Biofield/Chakra Energy Reading. Experience the magic of Reiki firsthand and learn what is happening in your energetic biofield that could be the root cause of mental, emotional, or physical concerns you are experiencing in your life. Discover the health of your chakras, the alignment of your biofield, and overall strength of your energy flow. Receive a professional opinion and learn how Reiki could improve your life. Your session includes use of the Amethyst BioMat with an option to add on Crystal Therapy or Sound Healing for $25/ea or $40 for both.

Crystal Reiki Transformations Program

Payment Options:

Option 1: One payment of $880 (due before program begins)

Option 2: Two Payments of $460 (1st due before program begins - 2nd due halfway through the program)

6-Week Healing Program

(Sessions expire 6 weeks from start date)

Includes: 6 Private Reiki Sessions

                Includes Crystal Therapy

                Includes Sound Healing

                Includes Amethyst BioMat

                7 Healing Crystals

Amethyst Reiki Membership: $300/month

  • 3 month membership commitment

  • 2 Crystal Reiki sessions per month

  • Unlimited Sound Healing Upgrades

  • Additional sessions only $150/each

  • Includes use of Amethyst BioMat for all sessions

Session Packages: Expires one year from purchase date


Crystal Reiki with Sound Healing 

Includes Amethyst BioMat

Single Session

3 Session Package

5 Session Package

$495 ($165/session)

$800 ($160/session)

Sessions are only redeemable with the healer you purchased your program with. Please inquire ahead of time if you wish to purchase a flexible program in which you can work with more than one healer. 
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