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Lisa's pricing

Initial Consultation (2hrs): $333

1.5-2hr appointment that will encompass either a Reiki or Trance Mediumship Session, tailored to cater to your specific healing needs. This may involve a concentrated focus on energy medicine or delve into mental and emotional mapping to unearth the underlying causes of your concerns and establish the groundwork for spiritual coaching. Alternatively, it may entail a synergistic blend of both approaches, providing you with a comprehensive and multifaceted healing experience.

Bespoke Sessions

Your sessions and program structure will be tailored to your personal healing intentions and will be customized in length and modalities to best support your needs.

Your program may include Reiki, Sound Healing,Trance Mediumship, Spiritual Coaching, Intuitive Therapy, and/or Life Coaching.

Follow up sessions vary in length and price, you can anticipate between $222-333 for 90-120min sessions.

Lisa's Approach

Lisa specializes in cultivating empowerment and fostering an abundance mindset. With a grounded yet spiritual approach, she offers executive coaching services aimed at guiding individuals towards personal and professional success. Through her coaching sessions, Lisa assists clients in identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, facilitating a journey towards true spiritual alignment and fulfillment.

Are you ready for meaningful change?

We understand that taking the leap into spiritual healing and coaching can be both exhilarating and daunting. That's why we offer a supportive and nurturing environment where you can feel safe to explore, grow, and transform at your own pace.

Are you ready to take the leap? Join Lisa on this sacred journey of self-discovery and transformation. Together, let's unlock the limitless potential that resides within you and create a life that truly inspires you.

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